Indigenous Art & Crafts

All the items below were made with love and passion by one of our amazing staff members at the Legacy of Hope Foundation (LHF). 

By purchasing one of them, you are supporting our efforts at developing educational materials, and offering cultural reclamation workshops to Indigenous communities across Canada. 

Meet the artists

Robin Sterling 

Robin is Wahpe'khute Dakhóta-Métis-Settler from Treaty 4 territory in Saskatchewan. She is a 3rd generation Residential School Survivor and beading has been a major part in her journey as a reconnecting mixed-Indigenous person. She has been beading since 2020 and her work is all about good intent, good medicine, and good vibes. // @binalalaa

Hannah Vicaire 

Hannah is a Mi'gmaq First Nation Women from Listuguj Quebec. She had been beading and creating for a while, but really started her journey in December 2022. Since then she has made a collection of ribbon skirts, ribbon shirts, bracelets... and there is more to come!  

Meegwetch, Nia:wen, Marsi Cho, Miigwech, Ni nâskomitin, tiawenhk,Tshinashkumitin, We’lalioq, Woliwon, Wopida, Marcee, Chi-miigwech, Wado, Nakurmiik, Thank you, Merci.